MY HOMETOWN - (40x24 min) by Canadian Poet Jean Mercier

MY HOMETOWN - (40x24 min) by Canadian Poet Jean Mercier

"As enjoyable as it is educational, My Hometown is a delightful, timeless and quality series that offers young viewers a very engaging and positive viewing experience."
Michelle Lee, Director of Programming & Acquisitions, PERALTA COLLEGE TV

"Two wings up"... from Angels on Earth!

MY HOMETOWN, a series produced and directed by Jean Mercier from Montreal epitomizes the very qualities that we all aspire to.. fairness, empathy, honesty, inspired creativity and respect. This successful television series captures a Rockwellian Disney'esque essence that will provide quality family entertainment and a genuine positive viewing experience! The values integrated into the series' storylines are timeless and should be a 'must watch' for all families seeking viable alternatives to the shallow media fare so prolific in today's content. I rate MY HOMETOWN "two wings up" ...from angels on Earth!
Dale E. Taylor , Former VP Programming & Production, YTV CANADA

MY HOMETOWN - (40x24 min) by Canadian Poet Jean Mercier
  • Jean Mercier's MY HOMETOWN Pilot Episode : The Trade! ***** 5.0 out of 5 Stars

    Family / Comedy-Drama /Entertainment / Educational
    In this episode: • self responsibility • respect for the property of others • conflict resolution • understanding feelings

    Thomas trades his precious comic collection against an expensive art book with Barry for one week. When an accident ru...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 1: GrandMa's Chair

    In this episode: • family heritage • memories • responsibilities for actions
    Thomas is shocked when he discovers that not only his grandmother's house is being sold, but all her furniture too. He wants to save her old rocking chair for himself, but problems are coming his way...


  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 2 - New Kid In Town

    In this episode: • accepting oneself and others • family support • dealing with change • dealing with conflict • safety awareness
    Cousin Alex comes to live with the Thompson Family. Thomas' initial excitement dulls quickly when Alex's competitive spirit makes Thomas feel inadequate.


  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 3 - Brother's Keeper

    In this episode: • separating from a loved one • leaving home • dealing with change • drinking and driving

    Older brother Dennis is now about to leave home for university. He gets a new car from Dad, and Thomas surprises him drinking with friends. Concerned for his safety, he decides to steal ...

  • My Hometown - Episode 4 - Magic Hour

    In this episode: • honouring commitments • valuing others • cooperation • sibling relationships
    Thomas' interest in magic leads him to promise a magic show to the local hospital. Tracy wants to play along, but she is such a pain. Or is she, really?

    This program will enab...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 05 - Simon's Lottery

    In this episode: • peer pressure • accepting consequences • valuing one’s background • family loyalty

    Simon is tired of working for his dad and wants a job of his own. With good will, Thomas pushes him into a adventure with surprising consequences for everyone.

    This pr...

  • My HOMETOWN - Episode 06 - Politics & Promises

    In this episode: • valuing individual differences • peer pressure • self esteem

    Thomas is talked into running for President of the Student Council. Swept by the attention the limelight offers, he realizes that one needs more than ideas to really make a difference. Eddie proves to be a solid al...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 07 - Uncle's Birthday

    In this episode: • family changes • love and commitments • sickness • family loyalty

    Simon has invited Thomas for an NHL hockey game, but his mother has planned a birthday party for his uncle George on the very same day! Why now? Well, perhaps later won't do for this time around. Here comes a...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 08 - Three's A Crowd

    In this episode: • popularity • peer pressure • love and infatuation • friendship

    Thomas develops a crush on Susan, the most popular girl in school. Against their best judgement, Lisa and Simon try to help. Is Susan leading Thomas to nothing? Why do fools fall in love?


  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 09 - No Place Like Home

    In this episode: * Being grateful * Changing plans * Celebrate each day

    Adventureworld, here we come! Who needs the milk festival with such a plan? One can get out of Maplewood, but can one leave Maplewood behind just like that? After all, there's no place like home!

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 10 - Midnight Bowling

    In this episode: • true friends • true feelings • changing nature of relationships

    Lisa develops a crush on Brad, the captain of the football team and eagerly wants to attend the high school dance in the hope to win his heart. Her parents say she is too young but she schemes a plan and goes an...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 11 - Life's Lessons

    In this episode: • personal responsibility • rights and responsibilities • taking a stand • taking action

    Life Rescue classes are being offered at school and all students are expected to attend. Thomas doesn't take it seriously. Little does he know about what's coming his way.


  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode12 - Haunted Poetry

    In this episode: • consequences of gossip • looking for truth *poetry *heritage

    A heritage project leads Thomas and his friends to explore the mysterious story of the local "haunted house" and the two old ladies who lived there in isolation. Will truth finally have get the final word?


  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 13 - Simon's Run

    In this episode: • friendship • self-esteem • peer pressure • changes in relationships

    Simon feels left out as he hasn't identified things he really likes yet. He finally achieves a sense of belonging when he excels at track and makes the team. Will the meaning of friendship as our friends kno...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 14 - Unforgettable Remembrance Day / Veteran's Day Episode

    In this episode: • life’s cycles • loneliness • giving time to others • valuing the elderly • civic responsibility in the context of Remembrance Day/War Veteran’s Day
    Teachers can also use any or all episodes in the classroom with a normal rental.

    Miss Kaplan's cats are special to her - they ...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 15 - Mr. Potter Goes To School

    In this episode: • honesty • cheating • valuing other’s differences • consequences of actions • personal strengths and weaknesses

    Eddie and several other students just don't take their math teacher seriously. After all, he talks with hesitation, is forgetful and can't seem to even be able to ...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 16 - Santa's Bond

    In this episode: • honouring others • friendship • the meaning and spirit of Christmas • innocence of childhood • sibling relationships • importance of family

    Thomas just loves making fun of Tracy because she believes in Santa Claus. How quickly things can change! With a potential tragedy in S...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 17 - Under My Skin

    In this episode: • valuing individuality • family relationships • forgiveness • jealousy • feelings and emotions

    Dennis comes home from college - with a new girlfriend. The family does its best to adapt to this new weird and wonderful girl. Thomas however is not coping so well. In trying to ma...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 18 - Party's Over

    In this episode: • peer pressure • self esteem • responsibility • jealousy • exploring changing emotions

    The high school crowd is having a party and it's initiation into the big time. Only, he is supposed to baby-sit Tracy. Of course, he comes up with a scheme but there is a price to pay for p...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 19 - He's My Brother

    In this episode: • self esteem • family commitment • appreciating individual differences • setting priorities and goals • jealousy

    The Thompson family is finally adopting Alex. Everyone seems happy. Thomas, however, is not so sure. Now that everything is confirmed, what's holding him?


  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 20 - Rock Challenge

    In this episode: • taking risks • honesty • making appropriate choices • consequences of actions • leadership skills

    Thomas finds the way to get in touch with the hottest rock group in the country and takes on himself to book them for a concert in Maplewood. Only, he signs a contract and is st...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 21 - Follow Your Bliss

    In this episode: • career preparation • personal fulfillment • handling stress • dealing with difficult people

    Career choices in grade 8? Thomas figures it's a little early for major decisions. Nevertheless, a project in school will challenge them to find a true passion, or this place where ev...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 22 - Have A Good Time!

    In this episode: • earning trust • handling responsibility • sibling relationships • following rules • maturity • respect for others • valuing others

    Thomas's parents must go away and decide to trust the children on their own for 24 hours. While deep in self created trouble, our friends learn ...

  • MY HOMETOWN - Episode 23 - Moped'r Blues

    In this episode: • personal safety • recognizing limits • respecting parent’s decisions • dealing with conflicting ideas • unsafe risks • family rules • making decisions

    Thomas has just won a scooter in a contest and he can't wait to ride it. However, his parents think that he is too young and...